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Extraction and Bottling Supplies

Stainless Steel -double Sieve

Double sieve has double screens to progressively filter out debris


Electric Stainless Steel uncapping Knive

Heated and easily cut wax cappings off from the frames for honey extraction. Maximum Temperature: 320 F, switch off the power when the knife is too hot

Blade Size: 9.85 inch X 2 inch;Handle Size: 6 inch long X 1.5 inch diameter


 Hour Glass style Plastic Bottle

with cap

16 oz.

32 oz.





8 oz Bear - Plastic Bottle

with Cap


Uncapping  Scrapper  


Honey Gate                       

Heavy Duty 

5 gallon bucket with Honey Gate 

Heavy duty 



 1 LB.  Plastic Hour-Glass Bottle with Cap 


 1 LB.  Plastic Classic Bottle with Cap


 3 LB.  Plastic Jug with Cap                  $3.70

One Gallon Jug with Cap 


out of stock


Uncapping Tank, clear Plastic tub, 

Drainer & Lid 


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